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company news about HD IR Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera

China Jinan Hope-Wish Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Jinan Hope-Wish Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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1. catch thieves stealing while reducing the number and cost of guards. 2. we have a super-surveillance camera and see the item clearly at night

—— Christian

I can see if the guards are sleeping. It has a tremendous effect in keeping them awake and doing their job rather than leaving their posts to chat

—— Richard

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Company News
HD IR Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera
Latest company news about HD IR Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera


1. Integrated infrared thermal imaging, visible light camera, laser supplementary light, infrared light, laser ranging, and pan-tilt control system, realizing all-round video surveillance day and night;

2. Using thermal imaging technology for temperature measurement, it is not limited by the light source, and the image is clear. The temperature measurement range: -20℃~150℃, 0℃~550℃;

3. Using laser ranging module, it can quickly and accurately measure the distance of the target object;

4. Using surface-emitting laser, electric zoom at the same time as visible light, 2.0°~70°continuously adjustable, so as to achieve the effect of night vision supplementary light;

5. The PTZ supports a variety of mainstream multi-million digital high-definition all-in-one machine cores and high-definition sensors to achieve high-definition image capture;

6. All-weather environment design, high-strength aluminum alloy precision casting shell, impact resistance and corrosion resistance;

7. It adopts full digital control, flexible programming, exquisite and simple design of transmission system, can be arbitrarily and rapidly positioned and continuously tracked and scanned, and realizes all-round and no blind spot monitoring in the true sense;

8. The infrared lamp and the camera truly realize the separation of the three compartments, completely solving the problems of the infrared lamp aging too quickly and the lens of the dome machine being fogged;

9. The pan/tilt shell and circuit board components can be treated with professional anti-salt spray coating, which is corrosion-resistant and anti-oxidation (customizable);

10. The protection level of the gimbal reaches IP67, fully sealed and filled with nitrogen to support underwater work, and supports three-level lightning protection and surge protection.

latest company news about HD IR Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera  0

latest company news about HD IR Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera  1

Technical Specification:

Model HP-RC2186
Detection Day: 8 km;
  Night:3 km
Consumption 15W, 810nm, NIR
Laser angle 0.5°~20°
Angle and distance matching DSS digital stepper illumination angle control, unique laser angle and distance matching technology, min 0.1°follow-up zooming
GHT-II super homogenizing HD illumination technology
0.01°SLM optical axis aiming and locking
Camera 1/1.8'', 0.0002lux high sensitive color to B/W CCD ,2 megapixel
  Automatic ICR switch,H.264 video format
Lens 11-800mm HD lens, infrared correction, 2 mega pixels, motorized zoom
Penetrate fog Optional, optical filtering and AFR optoelectronic enhanced image processing technology, color penetrate fog
Housing One integral aluminum alloy housing,sealed and waterproof,IP66
Load duty 50kg
PT Pan: 360°continuously
  Tilt: +45°~-45°
Rotation speed Pan: 0.01~30°/S
  Tilt: 0.01~15°/S
Preset 80, with patrol and scan function
Interface 1*RJ45,1*AC24V
Power supply AC24V±10%,50Hz,150W,standard configuration AC220V->AC24V adapter
Weatherproof IP66
Anti-lighting Power voltage 4000V,communication signal 2000V
Protocol Pelco-P、Pelco-D and so on standard protocol, baud rate 2400、4800、9600、19200
Operational temp. -25℃~+55℃ (-40℃ optional)
Weight ≤40kg


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