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company news about Civilian Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

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Company News
Civilian Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Latest company news about Civilian Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Civilian Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

The so-called civil field refers to several fields such as electric power, construction, medicine and petrochemical. Internationally, thermal imaging cameras are widely used in these fields. However, the application of infrared thermal imaging cameras in these civil fields in my country is still in its infancy, and the overall development space is still relatively large.

1. Application in power industry

Although the electric power industry is currently the industry with the most applications of civilian thermal imaging cameras in my country, as the most mature and effective online detection method for electric power, thermal imaging cameras can greatly improve the reliability of power supply equipment operation. Therefore, with the continuous development of our country's economy, the power industry in other provinces will also use more infrared cameras.

2. Application in construction industry

According to the investigation of the application of thermal imaging cameras in the construction industry by relevant departments, although there are many construction companies in my country, each one has not yet reached the level of thermal imaging cameras.

If every construction company is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, it will not only increase the market demand for thermal imaging cameras, but also greatly improve the work efficiency of construction companies and reduce costs.

3. Application in the medical industry

The human body is actually a natural source of infrared radiation. When the human body develops a disease, the heat balance of the human body will be destroyed, so measuring the change of the human body temperature is an important indicator for clinical medical diagnosis of diseases.

The thermal imaging cameras can accurately display and record the temperature distribution of the human body for further pathological analysis. Nowadays, medical thermal imaging cameras have become an effective tool for diagnosing superficial tumors, vascular diseases, and skin diseases. In the research of medical disciplines, the application of thermal imaging cameras in medicine has become a special research topic.

4. Application in petrochemical industry

We know that many important equipment in petrochemical production work under high temperature and high pressure conditions, lurking certain dangers, so online monitoring of the production process is very important.

The thermal imaging camera can detect information about product transmission and pipelines, refractory and heat insulation materials, corrosion, cracking, thinning, blockage and leakage of various reaction furnaces, and can quickly and accurately obtain two-dimensional temperature distribution on the surface of equipment and materials.

5. Application in airport security check

The airport is a typical place. There are 108 planes stopping at Copenhagen Airport every day. Everyone needs to go through a thorough security check before entering the CRSA. One of the problems faced is that the CRSA is approaching the runway, the aircraft is going from the jetty to the take-off area or the plane that has just landed puts the passengers onto a jetty and enters the CRSA from the "unsafe area". Additionally, cars and people from other areas within the airport but outside of CRSA may enter the area.

It is easy to monitor and track targets with visible light cameras during the day, but at night, visible light cameras have certain limitations. The environment of the airport is complex, and the visible light imaging effect is greatly interfered at night. Impact When an alarm is triggered, it is possible that the event that caused the alarm cannot be seen due to poor image quality. The solution to this problem is to use infrared thermal imaging cameras.

6. Application in port and river

In inland waterway applications, it is often necessary to detect the number of passing ships. The traditional method is through AIS or VTS, but AIS is not as accurate as we imagined. AIS depends on the ship itself to open the device, otherwise the information cannot be received, and VTS will It is active to detect, and many small boats and ships are also inaccurate when they cross.

Therefore, even under some major events, only 70% of the ships can be tested under mandatory requirements, and it may only be 50% in normal times. Therefore, users particularly hope to realize ship traffic statistics through video.

However, it is very difficult for ordinary visible light to realize the regional intrusion function on the water surface, especially affected by factors such as waves and weather, and thermal imaging provides the possibility to realize such applications. It can use thermal imaging cameras to sense temperature and determine the ship's location. Position, speed, quantity, etc. information.

In addition, some buoys are usually set up on both sides of the main channel. Ships cannot deviate from the channel and cross the buoys during normal navigation. Therefore, thermal imaging can also be used for intrusion detection in this area, as a supplement to the VTS system.

7. Application in the field of border defense

As we all know, border defense is a very difficult thing. Our country has a very long border and a vast ocean. Due to the harsh field environment, many systems cannot play a good role in defense. Especially on rainy, snowy, foggy, and windy days, border patrols are also very difficult tasks.

If personnel are used to patrol and use telescopes for observation, the observation effect is often poor due to the short wavelength of visible light, resulting in missed, false and missed inspections. thermal imaging cameras can detect infrared rays with shorter wavelengths, so they can be observed from a long distance, especially suitable for wind and rain.


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